thank you for sending me names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry that these are long-winded and gradually get shorter, heh, i was gettin sleepy…

also omg @ shiloh, NEVER_TOO_MUCH.mp3

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Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

ahhh i have an oc list here if you…. want to send this to me……. (please)
((characters i’ve roleplayed or written fanfiction about are also fair game?))

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drew some kitties

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2007 | 2013

bottom one was sitting on my desktop since last year so i messed with it a little, but it’s still not really finished and there’s icky parts about it… i’m just tired of looking at it /o\

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らんまらんまで ナンダカンダと

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AAAAND tomorrow is laniblob's birthday

lies down

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yesterday was mutaharu's bday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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krystoff is a fairly lazy design from me as far as comfort levels go because he’s pretty much a huge amalgamation of things i enjoy drawing

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messing around for stress relief

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lahatmahal asked: Hi I just downloaded the duenkhy game and it's amazing!! I want to draw fanart 😊 but I was just curious how the others don't notice the strap on jun's mask? I saw the chibi art u did with jun and krystoff and saw the strap. I think their hair is too short to hide the strap?? But wat do I know 😞 ps is jun's gender/sex suppose to be ambiguous?

Thank you so much for playing it!! They all notice it and just assume it’s a cosmetic thing. Not all duenkhy wanna be super obvious about what kind of duenkhy they are.

Jun is nonbinary! What they were designated at birth is left to the player’s imagination. ^^

Thank you again for playing, I’m so glad you liked it!!!!!!

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The Duenkhy demo is getting very close to 500 DOWNLOADS! I’m hard at work with moving into the final phases of writing the full routes, so I’m excited to see so many people getting preemptively HYPED!!! Most of the views on this have come purely from word of mouth and people sharing the link, so I’m extremely appreciative. Thank you so much♥

There’s some messy bits in the demo I’d like to overhaul soon, so keep an eye out…

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for cat tracks summer ‘14 issue

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Anonymous asked: if you were to get any of your protomen fan art autographed by the band, which piece would it be? i need to know because reasons.

omg I’M……………..!?!?!?

this one

jk no, UM!!!!! Gosh that’s hard because the only group pic I’ve done for them were the individual band portraits and I gave those to them as prints once before… I suppose maybe this one just because it’s the only decent proto fanart I’ve done recently ;;;;;; ?! anon-san, what could you possibly be thinking….

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